Y-TECĀ® Certification

Knowledge required

Attaining skill in a procedure for a medical device/technique consists of various types of knowledge and experience including:

  • Intellectual knowledge
  • Tactile and visual experience (models or animals then patients)
  • Judgement – correlate results of procedural steps and peritoneal catheter function with events and experiences during the procedure
  • Self-understanding – in knowing your capabilities, limitations and preferences and also understanding the support services that are available in your facility

Certification requirements

Certification of a nephrologist in the Y-TEC® peritoneoscopic placement procedure by ANZSIN requires

  • Completion of the two online learning modules
  • Observation of one peritoneoscopic procedure
  • Practicing the procedure on two models
  • Completion of the peritoneoscopic procedure under direct supervision until competent (It takes on average four to five procedures to become competent)
  • Documentation of all procedures performed during the course of the training for trainee certification
  • Final review of the procedure and approval of a formalised monitoring system of ongoing catheter placements until the audit criteria, as specified by the ANZSIN, have been met
  • Monitoring of ongoing procedures to meet specific standards as set down by ANZSIN will be required to maintain on-going certification.


Course accreditation

The certification of the trainee in the procedure will be performed by the Y-TEC® Procedure Training Faculty – Dr Jeffrey Wong, Dr Stephen May and Dr Murty Mantha. Find out more about the Y-TEC® Procedure Training Faculty...

The practical component of the training will be conducted in conjunction with an accredited hospital. Please contact the Faculty member at your preferred hospital to arrange the practical component of your training. The online learning module must be completed prior to undertaking practical training. The hospitals currently accredited for training are:

Cairns Base Hospital
The Esplanade
QLD 4870

Contact: Dr Murty Mantha

(07) 4050 8995 – Direct Line
(07) 4050 6333 – Cairns Hospital Switchboard

Tamworth Base Hospital
31 Dean St
NSW 2340

Contact: Dr Stephen May

(02) 6766 1722

Liverpool Hospital
Elizabeth St
NSW 2170

Contact: Dr Jeffrey Wong

(02) 9828 3000